Welcome to AQMeeting 2017, the third edition of the Applied Quantum Mechanics Meeting. The meeting will take place in Varazze (SV) from 25th to 27th September. The first two editions were held in Modena (2015) and Venezia (2016).

The 3rd AQMeeting will be devoted to the latest developments in foundations of quantum mechanics as well as in their application to quantum information science & technology. The program includes the usual suspects (talks and perhaps posters) as well as tutorials, dictionary sessions, reflections on foundations, free beverages at meals and storytelling.

The meeting is devoted to theoretical and experimental research with a fundamental nature, however aimed at developing new solutions using quantum technologies that will ultimately address real world problem, with a potential for disruptive change. AQM17 aims to contribute to solve problems in fundamental and applied science by using new tools based on quantum physics and quantum technologies and by building-up core competences for the wider exploitation of quantum science and technologies in mainstream engineering.

Organizer: C. Benedetti, M. Bina, M. G. A. Paris