Session I: chair Matteo X
Matteo RossiDynamics and characterization of open quantum systems
Paolo BordoneNoise, interaction and non-Markovianity in two-particle Quantum Walks
Enrico PiccininiPlay the GPU board and save time for the quantum games
Luca GhirardiQuantum Walks on a bidimensional lattice in the presence of a magnetic field

Session II: chair Matteo X
Claudia BenedettiInformation backflow in memory channels
Lorenzo MacconeQuantum time: towards quantum space-time
Paola VerrucchiReflections about time in Physics

Session III: chair Matteo X
Francesco AlbarelliTutorial about Resource Theories
Simone SalaA little talk on the status of project QUPLAS
Antonio MandarinoGeometric theory of bipartite gates. Results and open problems
Marco GenoniTutorial about time-continuous quantum measurements

Session IV: chair Matteo X
Alessia Allevi Can Silicon photomultipliers open a new era in quantum optics experiments?
Maria BondaniMeasuring quantum light: trivia and beyond

Session V: chair Matteo X
Bassano VacchiniCollisional models and memory kernels
Giulio AmatoNon-Markovianity and detection of initial correlations
Giacomo GuarnieriCharacterization and comparison of non-equilibrium quantum bounds to Landauer’s principle

Session VI: chair Matteo X
Luigi SevesoA primer on (Quantum) Information Geometry
Chiara MacchiavelloDetection of quantum channel capacities with few local measurements
Simone CialdiDo Quantum Field Theory clash with Quantum Optics?

Session VII: chair Matteo X
Dario TamascelliToward reduced-complexity simulations of spin-boson models
Steve CampbellPrecision thermometry and the quantum speed limit
Caterina FotiWhen the Maxwell dæmon stares at an event horizon

Session VIII: chair Matteo X
Matteo BinaContinuous variable probing of structured reservoirs
Giovanni ChesiSecond harmonic generation from Poissonian and non-Poissonian light: a quantum approach
Stefano OlivaresThat’s a beam splitter (interaction), what else?
Matteo ParisNoisy propagation of coherent states in a lossy Kerr medium